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WordPress Typography Settings. Apply These Secret Techniques!

WordPress Typography Settings for a better Blog Post.

Typography settings are the basis of every website and it is essential to always have it. It is very easy to manage in the WordPress platform. Excellent typography is not only easy to read and navigate, but it is also an element of professionalism. Typography also strengthens a brand image.

Typography is a lifelong commitment, but few people find the time. Like these people, it is essential that you follow the best typography settings.

wordpress typography settings
WordPress Typography Settings

The best typography settings secrets used by professional designers each time:

Sizes of Font in Typography Setting.

The minimum font size you should use on the website should be 12px. It is showing small, the readability will be affected/reduced.

Many websites use 14px font size for interfaces with small blocks. Google and Facebook use 14px size for body content.

Recommended Font Size for on WordPress Typography Settings.

Maximum font size of 22px is recommended. Websites usually choose a larger size of 22px to improve the readability so that the user can focus on a single text for a while.

Medium.com is a good example of that. They used 21px for the body content of their stories.

Best Typography Settings Font Size in WordPress.

Typography settings usually work well between 16px and 18px. Mostly used font size for web browsers is 16px.

Note that – not all fonts are the same size in pixels. That means the Helvetica font at 16px looks much bigger than the Lato font.

Importance of Line Heights in Typography.

For body content, adjust the line-height from 1.2 to 1.7 is recommended for good reading. You can test the line height between 1.2 and 1.7 to your liking and adjust it to make it look good.

(If the line-height is 1 and the font size is 16px, then each line takes up 16px of vertical space. If the line height is 2, each line takes up 32px of vertical space.)

Comparison of line-heights.

Headings should have a lower row-height, as they have a higher font size. It is about 1.2 row-tall and looks good.

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Use of Characters Per Row.

Having too many characters per line creates long lines, which makes your content unreadable instantly. The solution is – Any words above 75 Characters Per Row (14 words) should be omitted and brought to the next line.

Publishers know this, and if you look in any physical book, you can see that they go up to 70 characters in a row.

General Use of Characters Per Row.

Generally, a line of 66 characters (counting letters and spaces) is widely considered suitable for good reading.

There is no exact way to set up Characters Per Row on the web. You need to experiment with different font sizes to see what works best for the content area.

As a general guide, if your content area is 600px wide, you will need an 18px font size equal to 75 Characters Per Row.

Manage Typographic Scales in a WordPress Platform Blog Site.

Keep in mind that it is always easier to read and navigate when giving a consistent typographic scale to the content of a website.

Typographic scale is calculated by predetermining the size of the base font and multiplying by its value. The process is repeated with the resulting value for the next level of the array.

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Example for WordPress Typography Settings:

Font : Poppins

Base font Size: 16px

line height: 1.2

H1 Size: 33.18px x 1.2 = 39.81px

H2 Size: 27.65px x 1.2 = 33.18px

H3 Size: 23.04px x 1.2 = 27.65px

H4 Size: 19.2px x 1.2 = 23.04px

H5 Size: 16px x 1.2 = 19.2px

In this example, the used font is  Poppins (A common favorite font) and  1.2 scales of line-height. (You can check how it looks when applied various Typographic Scale in content, visit: https://type-scale.com.

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Better Font Combination for Better Read?

Integrating fonts into a web page is a sub-type of skill. Use this skill properly.

The first mistake people make when combining fonts is to use two of the same type and style, for example, if you combine Arial fonts and Helvetica fonts on one page, the difference of fonts are not identifiable.

Combining serif fonts with sans-serif fonts is the best, simplest, best reading integration.

Super Families Fonts on the Internet.

There is an easy way to find the best combination with a few fonts known as Super Families.

Superfamilies fonts are fonts that contain serif and sans-serif variations. These fonts are designed to create visual coordination. This eliminates the need to find fonts that work together. All of these are available in Google Fonts.


With the typography settings above, I have  100% confident that you can make a website that gives a good reading experience to readers.

Thank you.


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