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How Download WordPress Can Increase Your Profit !

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History, Futures, Download and Use World Famous Platform WordPress.

WordPress is the most used platform for creating websites today. Millions of peoples already download and install the WordPress platform.

Today 410 million people viewed over 24 billion pages each month through WordPress. This month, WordPress users published over 82 million new posts posted through the CMS. Today, 35% of sites are built on the WordPress platform.

Before you want to download WordPress, know about WordPress first.

WordPress platform Developer: Matt Mullen‌veg

Software Type: Content Management System

Languages ​​used: PHP

2003 – Version 0.7 (initial)

Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little first launched WordPress under the name. Mullenweg’s friend Kristin Sellek Tremalet suggested the name WordPress.

This included with texturize engine, links manager, XHTML 1.1 compliant templates and administration interface, the power to try to manual excerpts and new templates.

Understand the history & journey of the WordPress platform before download.

If you are starting a blog or website today, it is most important thing to look for is the WordPress platform.

This is because you do not need to learn the coding language to build the site on this platform. Because it works like a graphical interface, designing a site in WordPress is very easy.

So with a little effort, anyone can easily learn and do it without having to depend on someone else to build their own blog.

Before download and try, Let’s take a glance at the history of WordPress.

WordPress tells us how to make open source communities useful without compromising the freedom of using the software. Today, the WordPress platform is led by a community of dedicated developers, customers and supporters.

Birth of WordPress: WordPress was started because major developers stopped developing B2 / Cafelog, the existing blogging platform at the time.

Two users of the B2 cafelog, Matt Mullen‌weg and Mike Little decided to build a new platform on top of the B2 / cafelog in 2003.

It was a journey of world famous web developing platform WordPress. This platform would benefit thousands of users around the world and create thousands of jobs.

The fact is that the workforce, which was monopolized by developers, designers, bloggers and web publishers has become self-sufficient.

Download & install world famous WordPress

2003 May 27, the primary version of WordPress 0.7 was launched and started the journey.

It was well received by the people.

(It was based on the B2 Caflog with enhancements, but the first version of WordPress included a new admin interface, new templates, and the generated XHTML 1.1 compliant templates, as well as a post editor).

✅ 2003 – Download WordPress (Launched Version) : 0.7 (initial)

In January 2004 – 1.0 Version & May – 1.2 Version of WordPress was released.

The main future was plugin architecture.

Its functionality began to expand as users and developers created their own plugins and shared them with others in the WordPress community.

At that time the market leader in the blogging tools industry announced new licensing terms that their new users did not like.

This has led to dissatisfaction among their users and has led many to look for a new blogging platform.

It was during this time that WordPress released version 1.2 with features that rival rivals. With that, WordPress introduced itself as a sustainable, easy and flexible platform.

With this, the number of users started increasing. The WordPress platform began to improve with the help of its community.

✅ 2004 – Download WordPress Version : 1.0 1.2

WordPress released 1.5 version in February & 2.0 version in December 2005.

That arrival of WordPress came with pages, comment tools, a new theme Kubrick, and a completely new theme system.

In version 1.5, WordPress was able to come up with an unbelievably flexible theme system, therefore it matched the demand more than expected.

Kubrick – The default WordPress theme from 2005 to 2010.

The major change was the new admin dashboard in version 2.0.

This new admin dashboard was a complete replacement for the administration screens in WordPress.

Version 1.5 used JavaScript and DHTML, a great user interface that did not require users to completely load a page to perform simple tasks.

This increased its popularity. Additionally, the AxisMet anti-spam plugin was the first to be pre-installed on 2.0.

✅ 2005 – Download WordPress Version : 1.5 2.0

2006 March 1, Automated, a company founded by its co-founder Matt Mullen‌weg, filed a trademark registration for WordPress and WordPress logos.

In 2007 January – 2.1, May – 2.2 and in September – 2.3 versions Released.

It includes Autosave, Tabbed Editor, lossless XML import and export, spells checking, New search engine privacy option.

Set any “page” to be the front page, Redesigned login screen, Pages drafts or private option and upload manager 2.1.

In version 2.2 Improved comment editing, Widgets, Deactivate Plugins automatically, New Blogger Import.

Fewer clicks for upgrades, Improved login accessibility, UI when deleting Drafts. The main changes were “Spam it” and “Delete it” in comment notification.

2.3 mainly includes Tagging, Update Notification, Improved Post and Draft Management, Pending Review. Advanced Visual Editor Buttons, Pretty URLs, Updated Default Blogroll and security fixes.

Famous web design company Happy Cog joined the project in 2008 to help design a new WordPress admin interface.

With this, new features like built-in plugin installation, shortcodes and one-click updates have been added to WordPress in different versions.

✅ 2007 – Download WordPress Version : 2.1 2.2 2.3

2008 March – 2.5, July – 2.6, December – 2.7 versions released.

2.5 was released with administration UI design by Happy Cog, Shortcode API and Widget-Based Dashboard.

In WordPress version 2.6, saves a copy of a post every time edit, Display captions of images alongside in the posts and pages. Word Count displayed when writing, sorting to gallery, and Theme Previewer.

For the public, WordPress 2.7 included redesigned the administration UI, automatic upgrading, sticky posts, inline documentation, and built-in plugin installation.

✅ 2008 – Download WordPress Version : 2.5 2.6 2.7

In 2009 June – 2.8, December – 2.9 WordPress version released.

2.8 had built-in theme installer, theme improvements, widgets, drag and drop options.

140+ Contributors Was Involved in WordPress Version 2.9.

It featured image editing, Trash / Undo, bulk plugin update, gallery items usage across multiple posts, HTTP requests and SSL support.

✅ 2009 – Download WordPress Version : 2.8 2.9

In June 2010, WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg transferred ownership of the WordPress trademark and logo to the WordPress Foundation from the Automated company he founded.

Version 3.0 of WordPress was released in June 2010 with a major change.

➤ It features 218 Contributors,

Most notably custom post types, custom menu management, new API’s for custom headers, custom backgrounds, and the new default theme called “Twenty Ten“.

2010 was a major year for WordPress, as it was the same year that the WordPress MU project was merged into the WordPress core to create multisite networks.

✅ 2010 – Download WordPress Version : 3.0

2011 February – 3.1, July – 3.2, December – 3.3 editions released.

Version 3.1180 Contributors.

This includes Post Formats and the Admin Bar, redesigned linking, beginnings of a streamlined writing interface, and import/export system.

Version 3.2 made WordPress faster and lighter, with upgraded minimum requirements to PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0.15.

Fully HTML5 default theme – “Twenty Eleven”, Distraction Free Writing mode, and updates much faster with added stability.

Version 3.3 includes friendly futures for beginners with welcome message, and feature pointers. new drag and drop uploader, co-editing support, improved navigation and toolbar.

Better touch support for Tab & iPad under the Hood improvements. It was around this time that started to build e-commerce platforms using WordPress plugins.

Plugins enable WordPress users to build online stores and eCommerce websites using WordPress.

✅ 2011 – Download WordPress Version : 3.1 3.2 3.3

2012 June – 3.4 & December – 3.5 WordPress versions released.

Version 3.4 mainly included Theme Customizer and previewer, test and check theme revisions before to apply, and Extended Media Library. This helped a lot of new users.

New Media Manager in WordPress 3.5, New Default Theme – Twenty Twelve, Admin Enhancements, Simple flexible & elegant. Mobile-first, responsive design, creating galleries and Retina-ready display were the main features.

✅ 2012 – Download WordPress Version : 3.4 3.5

In 2013 – 3.6 in August, 3.7 in October and 3.8 in December were released.

Version 3.6 included the new default theme – Twenty Thirteen, Focus on blogging, Admin Enhancements, Autosave and Post Locking.

Preview on Audio and Video Media Edit Screen, built-in HTML5 media player, Rdio and SoundCloud.

➤ Version 3.7 had 211 Contributors.

These include Background Updates, Stronger Password Meter, Improved Search, Better Global Support, enhanced language support, and auto-installation of language files.

WordPress 3.8 had 188 Contributors.

Major changes New & modern admin design, Widget section was also streamlined, New Default Theme – Twenty Fourteen, new vector icons and Admin Interface MP6.

WordPress has become the most popular CMS in the world.

✅ 2013 – Download WordPress Version : 3.6 3.7 3.8

2014 April – 3.9, in September – 4.0, in December – 4.1 versions released.

267 Contributors worked on version 3.9 of WordPress.

It mainly includes smoother media editing experience, Improved visual editing, Improved speed, accessibility and mobile support.

275 Contributors worked for version 4 .0.

The changes were Manage media and embedded content with style, The content-editing experience is better than ever, Better workflow for finding and installing plugins.

Editor writing improvements, Previews for embedded content such as Twitter and YouTube.

283 Contributors worked in WordPress 4.1.

Important Changes New Default Theme – Twenty Fifteen, Finer Points, Distraction-free writing, language installation from the Settings screen.

Switch 40 different languages, Inline toolbar, suggests plugins for you to try, Embedding videos from Vine is as simple as pasting a And URL.

✅ 2014 – Download WordPress Version : 3.9 4.0 4.1

In 2015 April – 4.2, August – 4.3, December – 4.4 versions released.

In WordPress 4.2283 Contributors worked,

Released with major changes such as emoji support, character support, switched database encoding from utf8 to utf8mb4, Dynamic Plugin updates, Theme switching, developer query improvements, Finer Points.

246 Contributors worked on WordPress version 4.3 .

Key Futures Resetting Your Password, way that passwords are chosen and changed, site’s favicon on desktop and mobile, Live Menu previews, ListViews in the Admin panel etc.

471 Contributors have worked in WordPress 4.4.

Major changes were db_version in wp_optionschanged to 35700, default theme – Twenty Sixteen and embeddable posts.

✅ 2015 – Download WordPress Version : 4.2 4.3 4.4

2016 April – 4.5, August – 4.6, in December – 4.7 WordPress versions were released.

298 Contributors worked on WordPress 4.5.

Important changes database version, chat, inline links, formatting shortcuts, preview on mobile, tablet & desktop. Custom Logos support and smart image resizing.

In version 4.6 – 272 Contributors worked.

Important changes database version 37965, Improved network admin experience, Theme addition and activation.

There are 482 Contributors worked on WordPress 4.7.

Major changes include modern elements, video header support, edit CSS with live preview, REST API, Page template functionality, extension to support auto-saving of drafts.

✅ 2016 – Download WordPress Version : 4.5 4.6 4.7

In 2017 released 2 WordPress versions – 4.8 in June & 4.9 in November

346 Contributors worked for version 4.8 of WordPress.

Changes include an Array of new widgets, Image Widget, Video Widget, Audio Widget, Rich Text Widget, Link Boundaries, Nearby WordPress Events, Finer Points and event streams.

In version 4.9 – 443 Contributors worked.

It focused on user experience, Customizer Workflow, Draft and Schedule Site Design Customizations, Collaborate with Design Preview Links, Design Locking To Guard Your Changes.

A Prompt to Protect Your Work, Coding Enhancements, Syntax Highlighting and Error Checking, Sandbox for Safety. Potential Danger Ahead, New Gallery Widget, Press a Button, Add Media, and WordPress block editor.

✅ 2017 – Download WordPress Version : 4.8 4.9

In 2018 December version 5.0 released.

432 Contributors worked for WordPress 5.0.

Major changes include New Block Editor, New Default Theme – Twenty Nineteen, Classic Editor, Gutenberg block and support 37 languages.

✅ 2018 – Download WordPress Version : 5.0

2019 released versions – in February – 5.1, in May 5.2, in November – 5.3

The main futures in WordPress 5.1 include WordPress’s First Site Health feature, Editor Performance improvements within the editor, typing smoother.

Secondly, String Changes in HTML / PHP Files, Multisite Metadata, Cron API, PHP Compatibility for Themes and Plugins, Gutenberg Phase 2, and JavaScript Build Process.

Version 5.2 included Site Health Check, PHP Error Protection, Miscellaneous Developer Updates, New Emojis and Dashicons, Notable Accessibility Changes.

Security Enhancements, Accessibility Updates, New Dashboard Icons, and Plugin Compatibility Check.

Mainly in WordPress 5.3 – Block Appender, Grouping Blocks by Group Interaction, Custom width Columns, Layout Picker For Columns Blocks, Table Block Improvements.

Block Navigation Mode, Inline Image Reordering in Gallery Blocks, Block Editor Improvements, Expanded Design Flexibility.

Introduced Twenty theam, Admin Email Verification, Automatic Image Rotation and improved Site Health Checks.

✅ 2019 – Download WordPressVersion : 5.1 5.2 5.3

2020 – in March – 5.4 and in August – 5.5 versions released.

Futures in WordPress 5.4 New Social Icons Block, Cleaner UI, clearer navigation, easier tabbing, Privacy changes, New Buttons Block, Welcome Guide Modal, Fullscreen Mode Enabled by Default.

Inline Text Color Support in RichText Blocks, Additional Color Options for Several Blocks, Featured Images in the Latest Posts Block and New Breadcrumb Bar for Block Navigation.

✅ 2020 – Download WordPress Version : 5.4 5.5

Now released WordPress Version 5.5

Futures Posts and pages Speed, lazy-loaded images, Improved Block Editor, Search, Auto-updates – Plugins and Themes for Security, Update by uploading ZIP files, Highlights from the block editor, Inline image editing.

New Default WordPress XML Sitemaps. The fact is that the WordPress platform has created the impression that everyone can easily create a professional website with a little effort, without the need for any coding skills, with a lot of futures.

Download Latest WordPress Version

Go ahead with this WordPress platform. Because this is the digital age.

Thank You, KVS Blog.


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